for greater wellbeing.


Special Report

Experiencing a big change in your life? Change can be difficult...but with proper support, it can also be what helps you grow to greater resilience. Click Here to receive my SPECIAL REPORT, "Transitions & Transformations".


NurseLife Mindfulness Challenge

Go to the "Packages" page of my website to sign up for my Mindfulness Challenge. In 4 weeks, you will: 

  • grow your mindfulness practice from 5 minutes to 20 minutes each day- either all at one sitting or nurse your life 5 minutes at a time throughout your day
  • explore self-regulating strategies of your breath, body, mind, and heart!
  • Enrich each moment in your life with the gift of mindfulness!


Coach Cami offers NurseLife to support and empower you with skills and strategies to nurse YOUR life to greater wellbeing ~ so that you can sustainably contribute to the wellbeing of others.


Hear Cami talk about her work and the NurseLife approach to wellbeing in this podcast interview with "Meditate This!"

Please inquire about how Coach Cami can support you, your team, or your organization on a path toward greater resilience and wellbeing.

Cami currently offers Resilience Coaching and Consulting services for a large integrated healthcare system. She helped design a "Center for Employee Resilience" at a large urban hospital where she provides wellness coaching and resilience training services to employees. And she speaks to healthcare audiences on resilience, self-care, mind-body wellness and more.

"Cami Smalley guided my transformation from a woman burdened by work and family stresses and gripped by debilitating physical symptoms of anxiety, to one who is finding balance in life and is able to calmly pursue health and well-being."  -Coaching client

"In 25 years of nursing, no one has ever talked about selfcare for me!". -Workshop participant, Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN