for greater wellbeing.


Experiencing a big change in your life? Change can be difficult...but with proper support, it can also be what helps you grow to greater resilience. Click Here to receive my SPECIAL REPORT, "Transitions & Transformations".


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Coaching & Public Speaking


Individual or Group Coaching

Using my 3G Vital Life program for both individual and group coaching options, NurseLife coaching connects you with powerful behavior change strategies to attain the professional performance and personal growth you're striving for:


  • Build resiliency
  • Practice powerful self-care tools that fuel your desire to pursue a richer and more meaningful life
  • Design a clear and personalized program of life enrichment that brings vitality and joy into all that you do
  • Learn techniques to navigate around barriers, transform challenges, and chart a course for optimal health
  • Access sessions both in person or distance coaching by phone or on-line.
  • NEW! Biofeedback tool to see the effects of your mind-body practices! (In person coaching only)

What you receive:


  • Access to an on-line coaching platform to support your work
  • Wellbeing assessment & Readiness for Change assessment
  • Your NureseLife MAP - "My Action Plan"
  • Guidance and support through the 3G Vital Life process
  • Helpful resources, worksheets, handouts to support your growth
    Mind-body strategies to support the self-care that is essential for sustainable growth



Online Coaching Platform improves accessibility, support, and motivation!

"Cami began helping me systematically evaluate my goals, strengths, and circumstances. We brainstormed strategies and tactics. Cami connected me with a wide variety of resources and provided the accountability and encouragement I needed on the journey". -Personal coaching client    

"I loved the program. Very helpful and I plan to continue in my growing process. Cami is awesome! Very loving and caring for people". - Coaching client

Public Speaking and Retreat Facilitation

Transformational Workshops, Trainings, Retreats

NurseLife can design a workshop, training or retreat experience that inspires, informs, and engages your group. Program length depends on your needs and interests and can be drawn from the following topics: 


  • Nurse Life: Self-care Strategies for Resilience and Optimal Health
  • SHIFT Happens: How to Transform "Worn Out" to "Well Within"
  • Movement Meditation: A practice for wellbeing in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Stress Mastery: Strategies to Survive a Challenging Work Life
  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • As Thyself: Living the greatest commandment
  • Engaging the Body-Mind Connection for Personal Transformation
  • Holistic Health and Integrative Medicine
  • Play your Way to Well

    NurseLife provides coaching wellness expertise to teams, groups, and organizations seeking to improve employee resilience and wellbeing. Strategies are drawn from cutting-edge evidence-based research from Positive Psychology, Mind-Body Science, and Coaching Theory

"I'm on the way to living the life I always knew was mine" -workshop participant