for greater wellbeing.


HeartMath Resilience Training

Coach Cami is a certified HeartMath™ Trainer. She offers a variety of workshop and retreat experiences to share the Resilience Advantage™ program.


Upcoming Workshops & Retreats:

Experience the Resilience Advantage in the beautiful retreat setting near Lake Superior in Bayfield, WI. This workshop will fill quickly, so register soon. See my "Packages" page for details and to register.


Join me for a Womens Wellness Weekend Retreat in glorious Bayfield, WI. This experience will include resilience instruction, mindfulness practices, yoga, self-reflection, group dialogue, simple jewelry making experience and wonderful food and friendship.  Additionally, there will be time to enjoy the scenic town of Bayfield and the power and beauty of Lake Superior. See my "Packages" page for details and to register.


NurseLife Mindfulness Challenge

Go to the "Packages" page of my website to sign up for my Mindfulness Challenge. In 4 weeks, you will: 

  • grow your mindfulness practice from 5 minutes to 20 minutes each day- either all at one sitting or nurse your life 5 minutes at a time throughout your day
  • explore self-regulating strategies of your breath, body, mind, and heart!
  • Enrich each moment in your life with the gift of mindfulness!

Links & Resources


The following links are listed to provide you with additional online information and resources.

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Natural Remedies for Anxiety
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5 Tips for Better Work/Life Balance
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Life is a Balancing Act – The Book
MindTools – The Wheel of Life
Spiritual Balance

Compassion Fatigue:
The Creative Solution to Fighting Compassion Fatigue

Communication Skills:
10 Keys to Becoming…
Master Communication Skills & Confidence
Mind Tools – Improving Communication
Conflict Resolution:

Conflict Resolution Information Source
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Conflict Management Strategies and Styles
Helpguide – Conflict Resolution Skills
Mindtools – Conflict Resolution

10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking
10 Steps for Boosting Your Creativity
Creativity Tools
Using Your Creativity to Find Satisfaction
SUCCESS Magazine

Dealing with Depression
Medline Plus – News/Information
National Institute of Mental Health - Depression
Understanding Depression
WebMD – Causes of Depression
What is Depression?
“Getting Unstuck”:

Anthony Robbins – Help With Feeling…
Harvard Business School – Feeling Stuck?
Persistence Unlimited – How To Get Unstuck
Taming Your Turbulent Past
Ultra Wellness – How To Get Unstuck
What should You do When You’re Stuck
Health and Wellbeing:

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
VIA Signature Strengths Questionnaire
Gizmag – Articles on Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellness Overview
Healthy Happy Prosperous Mind Body & Soul
Health Information and Wellbeing
iVillage – Health and Wellbeing
The Center for Health and Wellbeing
Loss and Grief:

BBC – The Cycle of Grief
Coping with Grief and Loss
Counseling Center – Grief and Loss
How to Move on
The Psychology of Death

NurseLife Reflections/Presentations:

As Thyself Retreat Handouts
Meditate This! Podcast

How Self-Motivated Are You?
How to Motivate Yourself
Motivation 123
Motivation for Success
Self Motivation – How Can You Improve Yours?
Movement Meditation:

New Year's Blessing Exercise
Creation Breath
Peace Prayer


Leading Positively
Positivity Ratio (Barbara Fredrickson)
Good News Network
Can Positive Thinking Really Make Dreams Come True?

Shame and Guilt:

eNotAlone – Introduction to Shame and Guilt
Guilt and Shame
Letting Go of Shame and Guilt

Discussing sleep and work performance amoung health-care professionals
Sleep Hygiene

Workplace Resolution:

Job Crafting Exercise™
8 Strategies to Manage Workplace Conflict
Articles on Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution Skills
Conflict Resolution Activities
People Management Tips
Tips for Dealing With Workplace Conflict