for greater wellbeing.


HeartMath Resilience Training

Coach Cami is a certified HeartMath™ Trainer. She offers a variety of workshop and retreat experiences to share the Resilience Advantage™ program.


Contact Coach Cami for inquiries.


NurseLife Mindfulness Challenge

Go to the "Packages" page of my website to sign up for my Mindfulness Challenge. In 4 weeks, you will: 

  • grow your mindfulness practice from 5 minutes to 20 minutes each day- either all at one sitting or integrate mindfulness 5 minutes at a time throughout your day
  • explore self-regulating strategies of your breath, body, mind, and heart!
  • Enrich each moment in your life with the gift of mindfulness!

Mind/Body Skills

Mind/Body Skills

The skills below build the self-awareness and self-regulation that leads to resilient living. Explore these skills on your own. Or contact Coach Cami today for support in integrating these effective tools into your daily self-care.


The Mind/Body practices below facilitate growth in every dimension of your well-being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The intention for each practice is to bring you the essence of NurseLife: to feel grounded, growing and gifted.

Mountain Moment Meditation The Mountain Moment is the gateway I teach into stillness where we practice mindfulness and grow positivity.

Click here for a larger visual aid of the Mountain Moment 
Enjoy this brief guided visualization to tap into the restorative power of Spring!

Autumn Reflection
Autumn Reflection

Spring Vitality Brief Meditation
Spring Vitality Brief Meditation

Creation Breath Movement Meditation
This moving meditation your intentions to your actions by moving and breathing your intention into your entire sense of mind, body, and spirit. This moving practice is a great addition to the start or conclusion of your mindfulness or meditation practice. Click here for a visual aid of the Creation Breath 

Create Your Inner Sanctuary
Create Your Inner Sanctuary

SMILE Meditation
Carry the energy of a smile to different parts of your body to relieve tension, fatigue, and restore energy.

3G Precious Present Visualization 
There is no gift greater than than present moment awareness. Gift yourself with this self-care practice on a regular basis.