for greater wellbeing.


Experiencing a big change in your life? Change can be difficult...but with proper support, it can also be what helps you grow to greater resilience. Click Here to receive my SPECIAL REPORT, "Transitions & Transformations".


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Resilience Coaching

Wellness Coaching & Resilience Training for Helping Professionals        

NurseLife Wellness Coaching guides you to a new way of living that is:

  • grounded in self-care
  • growing in self-awareness and positivity
  • gifted with skills, confidence, and energy to live your best life!

Let go of: 

  • ineffective or self-destructive ways coping
  • feeling worn out and depleted at the end of every day
  • neglecting the people and activities that you love 
  • unsuccessful attempts from the past


With the support and guidance of a professional coach, you can design a life that prioritizes self-care and keeps you feeling grounded, growing, and gifted so that you can continue to share your best self with others!


NurseLife's Vital Life Resilience Training Program

5 - content areas are the core of the program

Cami delivers engaging and inspiring presentations that motivate participants toward lasting change. Each session introduces easy to implement mind-body skills that build resilience, positivity, and energy.

Rock Solid Resilience

Mindfulness in the Work Place

Miracle Grow

SHIFT Happens

REST - Restoring the essential rhythm of rest

To learn more about Coach Cami's Resilience Training program and to receive a copy of the course content/objectives for NurseLife's Resilience Training Series, email Coach Cami today.