for greater wellbeing.


HeartMath Resilience Training

Coach Cami is a certified HeartMath™ Trainer. She offers a variety of workshop and retreat experiences to share the Resilience Advantage™ program.


Contact Coach Cami for inquiries.


NurseLife Mindfulness Challenge

Go to the "Packages" page of my website to sign up for my Mindfulness Challenge. In 4 weeks, you will: 

  • grow your mindfulness practice from 5 minutes to 20 minutes each day- either all at one sitting or integrate mindfulness 5 minutes at a time throughout your day
  • explore self-regulating strategies of your breath, body, mind, and heart!
  • Enrich each moment in your life with the gift of mindfulness!



Highly Recommended...
As a family physician, I found that I did lots of health coaching with my patients. But, as our medical system and our lives have become more complicated, I have come to appreciate the role of health coaches in supporting my patients positive lifestyle choices. Cami is the exact person for whom I have been looking. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, optimistic, fun, and an excellent listener. I highly recommend Cami for health and wellness coaching. -Bill Manahan, MD, Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

Cami Smalley is one of the most gifted Health Coaches I have had the opportunity to work with. In the Circle of Life program, she engages each personin identifying areas they are led to work on, and gently guides and inspires them on their journey to better health. I found the program immensely helpful and recoommend it for all.  - Jerri Johnson, CCE, Homeopath at Crescenterra Health Center.

Cami, I am so grateful you are in my life! A a lifelong member of the "Negativity Club", you are indeed a breath of fresh air and HOPE. Never underestimate the effect that has on others. You are my hero in so many ways. Not only do you talk the talk, you walk the walk. That is readily apparent. -Nurse, COL participant

Enriching Lives...

(Coaching) helped me to look at things in my life in a different more positive way. - Circle of Life, group participant

I would not have been able to focus on myself at that moment...but...thanks to my new found awareness...I did stop at a park to listen to (guided imagery tape) and practiced some deep breathing before going home. I was very proud of myself - this is something I NEVER would have done before! - Nurse, Circle of Life participant

When I heard about this opportunity, I had been experiencing several months of increased stress, frustration, and personal attack about task completion - attempting to find a golden rule to accomplish doing and being more. Now, I carry with me..."I have enough, I do enough, I AM enough" and several other power phrases to bring back my power...and find an inner peace I have never felt! - Nurse, COL participant